Guardiola Claims It’s Ridiculous For Footballers To Dream About Winning The Ballon D’Or

Reuters / Kai Pfaffenbach

Pep Guardiola has claimed that it is downright ridiculous for footballers to dream about winning individual accolades such as the Ballon D’Or.

The Manchester City boss, who has won his fair share of awards as both a football player and a club manager, believes that this sport is all about winning collective trophies for the team, and not hunting for individual acclaims.

Speaking in his press conference ahead of City’s Premier League encounter against Sunderland on Sunday, the Spaniard told the media (via ESPN): “To be player of the month or manager of the month, believe me I know what counts and for me it doesn’t matter.

“If Gabriel Jesus is player of the month, he’s player of the month, I’m sad he’s not able to help us and of course the moment he played he helped us a lot. That’s what I want to see.

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“Our success is our success, mistakes are our mistakes and good things are our good things. Normally the manager of the month is because they won, it’s simple. Normally those that win have more money to spend on better players.

“I won a lot of prizes because I trained a lot of good teams, if they’re not good teams I wouldn’t have so many prizes. That’s not important for me. To see the team spirit and playing better. What we do depends on his teammates, not about his own performance. When a goalkeeper or striker makes a good performance, it’s for the team.”

Pep continued: “When I hear so many times, ‘Oh my dream has always been to win the Ballon d’Or’ or these kind of things, that is ridiculous. That makes no sense. To win the titles or make the people happy [is what it’s about]. Nowadays it’s different than it was before.”


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