New to Football? Here are answers to some common questions.

Top 10 Highest-Earning Clubs In The World

Manchester United co owner Avram Glazer and executive vice-chairman Ed Woodward before the match.

Money plays a major role in modern football, there is no doubt about that. Commercial revenue, jersey sales, and advertisement contracts have long trumped the traditional means of mere stadium and matchday revenues. As a result, bigger revenues would ensure that clubs are able to make adequate spending, particularly in the transfer windows. Bossing in…

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Lionel Messi: World’s Greatest Footballer

Barcelona's Lionel Messi gestures after scoring a goal.

Lionel Messi is a professional Argentine footballer who plays as a forward for Spanish club FC Barcelona. He is considered the best player in the world at the moment, and some even rate him as the greatest footballer to have ever played this beautiful game. Messi was born and raised in central Argentina, but relocated…

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Who Is The Best American Football Player In The World?

US Men's National Team midfielder Christian Pulisic.

While Football is a sport dominated by Europe, The United States of America is not far behind with it’s love for the sport and it keeps producing players that make it big on the world stage and stand out in being the finest the country has produced. We take a look at who is currently among the ranks…

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Best Football Boots In India

The boots of Hull's David Meyler.

Football is a sport which sets you free and the perfect way to taste this freedom is with an ideal set of boots that will transform you into someone made to be on the field while you’re there. A good pair of football boots is essential for you and the way you play the game…

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Which Football Team Has The Most Trophies?

At the end of the day, sport is all about winning and such is the case with football and the trophies it offers. At club level, there are a huge number of titles up for grabs which are incentive enough for players to give their all for the team they play. A few teams have mastered…

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Who Is The Greatest Player Of All Time?

Who is the greatest player of all time is a debate which is never ending and here are some of the names that spring to mind when this question comes along: 1. Pele A Brazilian legend, a footballing god and a country’s hero, Pele has to be the first name in this debate. Countless honours,…

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Top 10 European Clubs In Football Based On Squad Strength

Lionel Messi, Neymar and Luis Suarez celebrate a goal.

If you think football, the first team or name that pops up in the mind is probably one from Europe. The best football in the world is played across Europe at club levels and some of the teams present there are global icons with humongous fanbases spread around the planet. There is immense competition to…

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Who Is The All Time Best Footballer in India?

India's captain Bhaichung Bhutia (C) fights for the ball.

India is a nation dominated by it’s cricket and the glory that it brings. In a country worshipping the sport, football has generally taken a back seat. However with the ISL and the I-league gaining promotion and the national Indian team climbing up the ranks, one can say the future of Indian Football looks bright. The…

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Which Football Club Has The Best Fans?

General view of Borussia Dortmund fans before the match.

Football is a spectator sport and a team is incomplete without a passionate set of fans ready to live and die beside the players and the jersey they support. The fans are the backbone of a squad and the stronger the spine, the stronger and taller the teams stand. Footballers are in plenty around the…

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Why Is Soccer So Popular Around The World?

Sergio Ramos and team mates celebrate winning the FIFA Club World Cup Final with the trophy.

1. It’s a Global Sport Unlike many sports played in the world, soccer is one that is played in almost every corner of it. While called by different names across many countries, soccer has one of the widest reach in terms of people who are involved in the sport. According to surveys, the sport reaches to…

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What Are The Top 10 Football Clubs Outside Europe

River Plate's players celebrate with the trophy after winning the match.

There are lots of big boys outside European football who are mostly underrated due to the Major Leagues like as Premier League, La Liga, Serie A, Bundesliga. The Leagues in Brazil, Argentina, China and even in Middle Eastern countries have some extremely talented players and a whole lot of Supporters. Here we have selected the…

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Where Football Was First Played In India?

Boys fight for the ball during their soccer practice at a park in Mumbai, India.

Indian football’s history can be traced back to the pre-independent period when the British people introduced the game to this sub-continent. In initial stages, football matches were played between army teams. But as the game started to gain popularity, several football clubs emerged with a lot of dreams, with immense prospect. In fact, you would…

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Where Football Game Was Invented?

Photographers take pictures of a soccer shoe.

When the European Championship was hosted by England 20 years ago, the famous anthem of the home team had a unique catchy chorus “It’s coming home… football’s coming home.” But historical artefacts prove China can also claim to be the home of football. “While England is the birthplace of the modern game as we know…

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What Are Some Of The Best Football Photos?

Inter Milan's Materazzi and Rui Costa of AC Milan wait on the pitch.

Emotions at their deepest are usually caught on a football field. The game of football is easily one of the most popular game in the world and there are more than a few reasons why fans and players around the world take the sport more seriously than just a past time. Over the years, there…

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How Is Football A Dangerous Game?

Paramedics carry Atletico Madrid's Fernando Torres on a stretcher to a waiting ambulance after he suffered a head injury during the match.

It might be the best sport in the world without a doubt but like everything that exists, even the sport of football has it’s pros and cons. Despite there not being many reasons, here are a few which determine why football is a dangerous sport: 1. Unwanted rivalry Be it playing on the field or…

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Why Is Football Good For You?

Barcelona's Neymar and Luis Suarez with mascots before the match.

What is life without sport and what is sport without football? One of the best, if not the greatest sports in the world is what every person should be following and involving themselves with. It is more than a game once you’re a part of it and there’s no getting out. Once you start supporting…

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What Are The Good Ways To Introduce Your Child To Football?

Fan plays with a ball outside the stadium before the game.

Note to parents and others incharge of children. While growing up, a child is guided by the ones elder to them and those with more experience and for them it is important to know, that no matter what, sport has to remain an essential part of life forever. Parents and those in charge must know…

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What Are The 10 Biggest Football Clubs In England?

Manchester United manager sir Alex Ferguson (C) holds the trophy.

The Premier League has been one of the most competitive football leagues on the entire planet, with numerous top teams fighting for the most coveted prize in English football. Clubs from England have also been genuine threats on the European stage, as they fight tooth and nail with the best of teams from across the…

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Loudest Stadiums In World Football

Galatasaray fans light flares to celebrate their goal against Fenerbahce.

Football fans have always been one of the most important aspects of the game. In fact, the supporters have been labelled as their teams’ 12th players on numerous occasions, as their backing and support not only encourages their players to fight harder, but also gives them extra energy and spurs them on to go on and win…

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Why Football Is The Best Sport?

Leicester City manager Claudio Ranieri with the trophy.

Players on a pitch, with fans around and nothing but a ball. Similar to a lot of sports out of there, but which is the greatest of them all? Not the ones with a bat or helmets or racquets, in fact nothing else at all The answer is what some call soccer, but if you…

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Which Football Team Has The Most Fans?

Manchester United fans.

The world of sport is one of the few things that united people around the world and football one such sport that brings people from different hemispheres to celebrate and cheer together. Football is a passionate sport so it does not come as a surprise that every club in the world has a number of…

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